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Sharon Aneja

Meet the founder

Sharon Aneja (new)

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In my corporate career I was valued for being a commercially savvy strategically minded business leader who delivered exceptional results for my FTSE 100 clients. I was always known for being a big picture thinker and someone who could connect the dots even in the most complex challenges. But what I truly valued most in myself was using these competences to find innovative ways to nurture talent and create high performing teams and high performing business cultures. 


It's never been more important to ensure companies invest wisely in humanising their workforce so that we as leaders can successfully balance the tension of delivering business health and human health. 

If we want businesses to rebuild and hopefully thrive in these challenging times, then the need for investment in human capital is obvious. 


I know from personal experience the value of a kind and humane business culture that prioritises its peoples' wellbeing. The kindness shown to me when I returned to work with PTSD after a surgical trauma in 2015, laid the foundation for my passion in coaching, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and Holistic Health.  


Founding Humanity Works Consultancy was the culmination of 20 years corporate experience delivering business transformation balanced with the skills, tools and resources learned and practised through Positive Psychology coaching and an integrative approach to health. 


If you want to find out more about our business training and development courses or how to book us for inspirational talks or even if you just want to grab a cuppa and discuss the issues of the day, then drop our founder a line....