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Public Speaking


Why talk about Positive Psychology

at work?

Now more than ever we need to be at our best. Positive Psychology combines the science and practice of building thriving organisations.

Positive Psychology Keynote Speaker


"Sharon Aneja is an engaging, inspiring and energetic speaker who always leaves audiences

richer, more knowledgeable and positively impacted." 

More on Sharon Aneja, Founder of Humanity Works Consultancy

Sharon has been at the sharp end of leadership and organisational challenges in her 20-years career and can tap into her vast experience of creating true business transformation through evidence-based tools from Positive Psychology. 

She has led award winning marketing strategy teams, global digital & organisational transformation programmes for FTSE 100 clients and Fortune 500 companies including Samsung, Tesco, BSkyB, Virgin Media, BBC, Conde Nast and Barclays Bank. 

Sharon has 200+ hours of Positive Psychology coaching experience and has spoken at conferences, workshops and organisations internationally and in the UK. 

Our most popular keynote topics this year


How Positive Psychology can create better workplaces where people and profits thrive. 

Learn about Optimal Working, the science and practice of thriving organisations.  


Learn the tools and strategies to support people suffering from trauma in the workplace and how vital resilience training is. 

In this powerful and emotive talk, Sharon draws on her own experience of the challenges of coming back to work after a serious trauma.


Image by Lesly Juarez


Learn the transformative power of cultivating the conditions for Flow in the workplace. 


Image by Austin Distel


Be inspired by the power of authentic leadership. 

Learn how to unlock growth potential to enable people to be at their best and deliver 

exceptional performance. 


Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Learn how Positive Psychology builds thriving teams.

Sharon also draws on her own experiences of building high performing teams and the business reality of balancing human health with business health. 

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