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Burnout prevention for organisations

Burnout is pushing businesses to the brink of a retention crisis

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of employees want to leave their current job because of burnout

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of employees are actively job hunting now

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of 16-34 year olds are feeling burnout

The Problem

An employee with burnout syndrome will be signed off work for 6 months to 3 years. 


It costs businesses on average 40k to train new hires. 


With attrition rates hitting highs of 25%, the cost to businesses of burnout employees is unsustainable. 

The Solution

Our energiser coaching programme empowers your people and leaders with:

  • actionable insights

  • Positive Psychology tools

to develop healthier habits and a healthier culture to beat burnout for good.


Why has beating burnout become such a business priority? 

Are we working from home or are we living at work?

Burnout isn't new. The pandemic has increased pressure on employees to remain connected and it’s resulting in higher stress levels, exhaustion and low engagement levels. 

Whether your organisation works from home or has a hybrid model, now is a great opportunity to re-assess if your wellbeing policy has an adequate burnout prevention programme.

It’s the fastest way to reduce the cost of turnover and absenteeism. 

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A programme powered by Positive Psychology, designed by corporates

From burnout to energised

We use data driven insights, the science of Positive Psychology and our 20 years corporate experience to empower your people and leaders with the tools to look after themselves better and create a more positive work culture. 

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Why do we coach both leaders and employees in burnout prevention?

Workplace wellbeing is like a 3 legged stool.

You need the culture, benefits and personal accountability to build a resilient organisation.

Welcome to the energiser programme

What services do you receive in the energiser programme?


We take you from insight to action

Our energiser coaching package is divided into 3 simple steps. We call it the 3 C's. 

Catch - you get actionable insights into what’s causing burnout in your organisation

Cure - you receive delivery of two coaching programmes to boost engagement 

Care - your people are supported through our energiser wellbeing community and unique wellbeing box service

We can help you prevent burnout. Drop us a line to find out more. 

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Catch- Step 1 in the programme

In the insights phase, you get to understand how your people are thinking, feeling and behaving and where they are on the burnout scale.


This can be done online and it involves completing a survey and a couple of meetings with me.


We do this to understand what ground zero is so we know what needs to go into your company’s anti-burnout strategy. 

Cure: Step 2 in the programme

In the solution phase, you get two coaching programmes.

One for leaders; one for employees. 

We use the top burnout prevention tools from Positive Psychology in our group coaching sessions with employees.


Our employee energy-management programme includes exercise snacks, mindfulness practices, sleep hygiene, boundary setting and psychological strategies to rethink our relationship with work. 

Our positive leadership programme empowers leaders to create a thriving workplace.


Our tools include simple strengths based exercises, maintaining healthy boundaries, building a psychologically safe community and challenging our unhealthy relationship with work.

Care- Step 3 in the programme

Your employees are given access to 1-2-1 coaching sessions. We offer more targeted support for your people to help them integrate healthier habits into their working day.    

At the end of the programme, we run another survey to measure your people’s wellbeing so we can monitor their progress and deliver the results that you need to create a thriving workplace.  

Our programme puts out the flames of burnout for good

Employee attrition rates drop 10%

Employee absence rates drop 23%

Engagement rates increase


These industry leaders trust us


Case Study


"Sharon is just lovely to work with"

Emily Shelley, Alamy MD and board member

"I partnered with Sharon to arrive at a programme of talks and workshops to tackle demotivation and increased stress levels among our global workforce.


Sharon quickly uncovered insights and problems into things we didn't even know existed and gave me a roadmap and a renewed sense of confidence to move forward." 

"We were delighted to partner with Emily and the SLT at at time of great change in their organisation. 

Our energiser programme empowered their employees with practical tools to adopt healthier habits at work. "


  • 10% increase in engagement levels

  • 20% reduction in attrition rates

Sharon Aneja,

Founder Humanity Works Consultancy

Why work with us?


As a certified ethnic minority supplier, we bring diverse thinking to your company. We can support you to achieve your ESG targets through our DEI and sustainability policies. 


Our insights take the guesswork out of low employee performance giving you back peace of mind.


Our programme fixes burnout because it targets the individual and the culture, whereas most programmes fix only one.  


Our corporate background means we work in the business reality of balancing the need for human health with business health. 

"My mission is to stop burnout at work"
Sharon Aneja
Founder Humanity Works Consultancy

By the time I was on my deathbed in 2014, I had already been on the road to burnout twice in my corporate career.


So when I did just have a few hours left to live, I remember two regrets very clearly: 


I worked too much

I never got the chance to fall in love 

When I got out of hospital and got some help, I retrained as an accredited Positive Psychology coach.


After a very successful corporate career as a business leader in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, I set up a wellbeing consultancy called Humanity Works Consultancy to help other leaders prevent burnout from destroying their businesses and their people’s wellbeing.


Burnout is an entirely solvable problem and with the right tools and strategies you can be the dream company for your dream employee.   

Meet our founder



Sharon's strategic vision and expertise in people performance helped us deliver an ambitious organisational transformation programme.

— Managing Director, Cedar

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