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Destroy burnout

Burnout destroys your business. Put out the flames by creating a healthier workplace. 
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Build your business back better with the power of Optimal Working. 

Who are Humanity Works Consultancy?

Get to know us...

I'm Sharon Aneja, a wellbeing consultant, strategist, resilience coach and most importantly a compassionate human being.

I'm the founder of Humanity Works Consultancy, a Positive Psychology coaching and strategy consultancy. We champion the people factor in the workplace through building more resilient and human capabilities in the workforce and cultivating a culture focused on growth. 

We live and breathe our values of humanity, professional integrity and inclusion.   

Who we work with

Leaders who are changemakers, learnaholics and passionate about positively impacting their people. 

What we do

We equip our clients with the tools and strategies to prevent burnout in their organisations, through coaching, training and consultancy 

We specialise in:

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Optimal Working is the Future of Work

What is Optimal Working?

Optimal Working is the science and practice of creating thriving organisations.

Our approach creates a synergy between people, leadership and the organisation's culture ensuring that burnout is stopped in its tracks. Remember burnout is a workplace problem; not a people problem.   


What's different about our approach? 

We use the principles of Positive Psychology to focus on individual and organisational strengths, rather than the less effective focus on 'problem-solving.' 


The results?

Our clients report:

  • Increased resilience, performance and wellbeing

  • Adaptive mindsets  

  • Exceptional business results 

  • Sustainable transformation

We can help you prevent burnout. Drop us a line to find out more. 

Are we the right fit for your organisation?

We support organisations to:

  • Build strengths and capabilities

  • Develop more mentally healthy ways of thinking

  • Develop a healthier workplace

  • Create the conditions for human flourishing

Who we can help:

  • Organisations struggling with a burnout culture

  • People with wellbeing issues

  • Teams struggling with conflict 

  • Leaders navigating in the dark

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4 ways we work differently to other consultancies 


We support sustainable business transformation by balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders across the organisation.


20 years strategy experience = seeing the bigger picture, using data and measurement to inform our approach.



We identify and optimise individual and organisational strengths, rather than the less effective focus on ‘problem solving’.


Our corporate background means we work in the business reality of balancing the need for human health with business health. 



Sharon's strategic vision and expertise in people performance helped us deliver an ambitious organisational transformation programme.

— Managing Director, Cedar

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